Although the active life is beautiful, however the time lacks for individuals and for Small and Medium-sized Entreprises (SME). So in order to facilitate the activities management, FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS offers you opportunities for full Digitization and preservation of your documents in the nowdays digital world.

The company FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS is very significant for you, it saves your time for your administrations and it accompanies you in the process of starting your own activities as independent or company. FLAFLA MULTISOLUTIONS also helps you to manage your administrations, to connect you to Skillful Accountant and to other technical and practical Advicer for the effective advancement of your company.

The company also offers the following services: Transport and Logistics; Printing of documents; Conception of websites; Coaching and Training (individuals, Independent, SME, etc.); Accounting; Meeting place; Repair of computers; companies’ and individuals’ Computerization.

FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS works with many reliable and firm partners including UPS, DPD, UBER. And the company is also open to other partnerships that aim to create jobs and other profitable opportunities.

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Rue Des Glands 30
1190  Bruxelles
  0032 23581553

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
Tuesday and Saturday: By Appointment