Other Services

Our other services are:

Documents printing;

Website construction;

School remediation and coaching of student trainees;

Coaching of Independents, Individuals and Jobseekers;

Secretariat and Typing

Meeting room;

Computerization for Individuals and SMEs;

VPS Service: Virtual Private Server;

Computer repair;

Technical assistance 24/24 and 7/7;

Archiving for Individuals and SMEs;

Transfer and receipt of money.

Documents printing

Do you want a printer to print or scan your documents quickly, or do you need to make business cards, posters, flyers, greeting cards, brochures, etc.? FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS offers you this service.

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Website construction

If you want to increase the visibility of your company, or to be consulted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or to give support to your different customers, it is advisable to have a website, built to meet your needs.

FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS, in collaboration with its experienced and competent webmasters, helps you realize this dream of visibility of your company and your activities in this interconnected world.

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School remediation and coaching of student trainees

School, homework and all school works are useful for the future of young people and society. However, to organize and to carry out homework and other school assignments can be stressful and highlight some of the difficulties wich face parents and their children.

If you are unable to help your daughter or son to do his homework or other school works, or if your child has problems to understand scientific lessons, then FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS is for you the right place. We help parents to find a coach for pupels and students. Similarly, coaching is also possible and needed for finalist students, in order to help them as trainees to realize their project of non paid training in a company.

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Coaching of Independents, Individuals, Jobseekers

Between the dream of a project and its realization, there are pathways and challenges to overcome, as: definition of the project and objectives; needed human and material resources, and as well the related methodology. This helps to achieve strategic and efficient goals.

For this purpose, the company FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS, with its partners, helps at competitive prices the Independents, Individuals and Jobseekers with projects of training, accompaniment and non paid training in company. This is aimed to reach socioprofessional projects (training, job, business creation, becoming independent or freelancer etc.). So the coaching is possible thanks to FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS and its partners.

NB: Special conditions between partnerships may exempt from payment some individuals or subsidized jobseekers.

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Secretariat and Typing

If you wish to have your texts typed (CV, Letters, Documents, Books, TFE, Memoirs, Thesis etc.) or have your already typed texts corrected, you are at the right address at FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS. You can also request our other services such as printing, scanning, archiving and basic computer training.

Meeting room

You want to meet your clients and colleagues to talk about the evolution of your business and  its opportunities. For this purpose, FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS offers you a meeting room for your guests to be told your activities (max: 15 places).

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Computerization for Individuals and SMEs

Computerization is part of daily habits because we have become aware of what represent the gain of time, its particular impact on the productivity, performance and profitability of our business.

In order to successfully computerize, we must choose the right hardware and the appropriate software; we must train the employees in the use of software and the maintenance of equipment.

The maintenance must be done by specialists. And in case of failure, simply make a phone call for online assistance, or our specialist technician will move toward you. This service is available for SMEs and Individuals who want to computerize their systems.

Check our prices and for more information contact us.

VPS service: Virtual Private Server

Do you want access to your documents wherever you are? Do you have Internet connection everywhere? Thanks to VPS you can realize your dream. VPS helps you to have your private server in the cloud. You can install your private server and connect it to the Cloud, and you will have access to your documents anywhere and at anytime you have Internet connection.

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Online Shop for secondhand computers

The purchase of a secondhand computer is very interesting because one finds a complete computer already configured, ready to use and sometimes powerful at a very low budget.

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Computer repair

If your PC or laptop is sluggish or does not start properly, call our technical experts to repair or maintain your PC. Ask for a quote via our website or come to the office for more details.

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Technical assistance 24/24 and 7/7

If you need technical support for your PC or if you have a problem in your computer system, trust our experts by filling out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Archiving for Individuals or SMEs

You want an ideal solution for scanning, archiving and securing your documents: papers, analog data (video cassettes and audios etc.) and electronic files (USB, CD, Hard Disk and Cloud etc.). At competitive prices, FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS helps you to digitize and archive your documents.

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Transfer and receit of money

FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS collaborates with MoneyTrans and Western Union to receive and send money around the world.

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