The three main services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals are: Administrations, Digitalization of Documents, and Accounting.


According to Securex’s extensive research, it is shown that 4 out of 5 independents find their job too emotionally burdensome.

In addition, FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS found that, in general, freelancers need time for their health, their families, to go on vacation and to communicate with friends as well as the business world etc. It also found that the Internet and social media play a very important role in everyday life. People can’t do without their smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. This is the most important development in recent years.

For these reasons, FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS saves your time and it sustains your digital world with competitive prices to:

  • Efficientely and digitally treat and store all your documents;
  • Help you to avoid delays in administrative correspondence;
  • Remind you to pay bills in due time according the payment deadline and to prevent the increased bills;
  • Connect directly with your accountant or partner;
  • Effectively classify your documents;
  • Treat all administrative documents by phone or email, except when is required the physical presence of the representative person of the campany or the Independent. In all events, you stay digitally informed.

So your correspondence will be sent to FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS’ address and/or be digitally exchanged.

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Digitalization of documents

FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS digitizes your documents, photos and analog data as audio cassettes and videos etc. The digitized data are delivered to you on computer media. The company can store them for you for a moderate price on servers that you could consult at every moment. This preserves your memories and also facilitates the protection of your administrative and family documents.

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The role of an accountant is very important in the day-to-day management of your business. It ensures that your company or SME meets financial, social and tax obligations.
FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS helps you prepare and send your accounting documents to your own accountant.

FLAFJA MULTISOLUTIONS also offers you the opportunity to manage your accounting documents as it works together with experienced and competent accountants who can advise you about many things for the best development of your business.

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